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Cost savings and your own vCIO go hand-in-hand, ensuring your business has a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management. Virtual Chief Information Officers at Cloud Cover ensure you remain agile and efficient. Our vCIO will provide you with insight into how implementing the right technology at the right time can take your business to the next level.


Most businesses spend approximately 6-8% of their revenue on technology-related expenses. What’s concerning is the lack of planning before spending. Businesses approach these expenses with little forethought, without considering  effective tools such as an up-to-date Technology Roadmap.

The Technology Roadmap is the ultimate business asset, as it provides a comprehensive view into all aspects of technology within an organization. In doing so, it measures system performance, diagnoses any issues, tracks the life cycles of hardware, and reports on current and future projects. All of these components combine to create a powerful tool that generates accurate, predictable budgets, while eliminating surprise expenses. 


VCIOs will help cut operating costs throughout an enterprise without hindering operations. Hiring an on-staff CIO in the Chicago metro area requires a six figure budget, and this will only cover salary. Also consider benefits, bonuses, an IT staff, and actual IT expenses. With a VCIO you spend a fraction of that money, and still have an entire team of technology experts on call whenever you need them.

This allows you to make more effective investments on current technologies that will keep your business running competitively, while reducing your staffing concerns. Having a VCIO lets you focus on running your business, while your VCIO ensures that your technology is always optimized.


Another significant advantage of having a team of technology professionals on your side is the variety of consultative and advisory conversations. These experts will help with technology investment decisions, ensuring that the choices you make are in your best interest. VCIOs are constantly learning and advising on ways to actualize your business’ goals. The result is a two way conversation which will enhance your enterprise’s efficiency without unnecessary investments.


    • Many businesses opt for a break/fix solution, but wouldn’t a proactive approach to incident prevention be preferred? A VCIO is always vigilant and constantly working on the security of your business. Consider what it would mean for your business if sensitive files or information never falls in the hands of cyber-attackers. 
    • Your VCIO team shields your business so that you have peace of mind. The prevention of vulnerabilities  is achieved by creating security policies and implementing the right patches and updates in a timely manner.
    • Additionally, your VCIO can offer advice tailored to your specific business needs. The industry in which your business operates impacts issues such as regulatory compliance, business continuity, security standards, and availability. Being that VCIO services offer an entire team of experts, you’ll work with individuals who have skills and experience directly related to your industry. This is why a VCIO team is inherently more qualified as an advisor on these issues as opposed to a traditional IT provider.


A VCIO will understand your SMB’s core goals and contribute in order to meet those goals. VCIO services reduce overall costs and drive revenue through the creation of efficiencies, business process optimization, and strategic technology direction. You receive all of the benefits of a CIO for less than half the cost, plus an entire team of experts backing your business and ensuring that your visions become a realization.

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Cloud Cover’s solutions are designed to assist business owners with optimizing the value of their IT assets.

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