Guiding Principles

Cloud Cover was created to provide our customers with much more than what you would expect from an IT Provider. Our Guiding Principles are a reminder of why we exist and how we can help our customers optimize their IT investments. The following is a summary of our 4 Guiding Principles:

We Listen
Our ability to create effective solutions begins and ends with our focus on what the client needs.

Creating Clarity
Technology changes all the time. We believe in providing simplicity and clarity in what we provide and how we will deliver our services. With Cloud Cover there will never be any surprises.

Forward Thinking
Cloud Cover pays very close attention to future trends and future technologies. This focus allows us to always be thinking about new and improved ways to deliver value.

Cloud Cover strongly believes in community and welcomes our customers and business partners to benefit from each other. Cloud Cover University is a great example of how we give back to our local community by assisting business owners with education on top trends in the industry.