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cyber security Columbus Ohio

cyber security Columbus Ohio

Cyber security in Columbus Ohio keeps your business from being hacked. A data breach is expensive and costs your company trust and reputation. Stealth Entry is among the leading providers of threat detection and resolution in the area.

What is the cost of a data breach?

A data breach is not cheap. The average cost of a single breach in 2018 was $8.19 million. Companies lose business, must audit their existing technologies, rework their IT systems, and are often liable for damage caused to customers and employees.

The cost per breached record is $242, up from only $150 in 2017. The price tag in recent years has escalated. Growing by more than 25% since 2013. The United States is among the most targeted countries in the world due to the size of our economy.

Who needs to protect themselves from a data breach?

Everyone should take measures to protect themselves from a data breach. From the average citizen and low-level employee to your CEO, data security is crucial. Proper training and an understanding of what even the smallest person can do keeps your business from succumbing to malicious hackers.

We offer training and certification for employees who can return to work better prepared to protect your intellectual property. Hackers attack IP addresses every 39 seconds or 2244 times per day. This number is staggering considering that many addresses relate to lucrative data.

Technology moves beyond the internet

In recent years, cybersecurity has gone from being solely concerned with the online realm to including your physical locations. Machine learning, specifically in object and facial recognition, allows companies to respond quickly to threats.

Our software can help detect a threat based on posture, weapons, and more. We display this technology prominently on our website and are working hard to develop software that offers full protection or businesses and individuals. We want to end the days when a disgruntled employee can go postal and help end robberies.

Cybersecurity training, auditing, and certification in Columbus

Stealth Entry is a fully loaded cybersecurity firm. We help you respond to every potential vulnerability. The best way to stop a breach or a criminal is to bring your systems and knowledge into the 2020s.

We now live in a post-information age. Software and hackers look beyond data to produce intelligent applications capable of reaching your assets without even needing a human. From traditional in-store prevention to protection online, your business needs to be able to respond to threats quickly and decisively.

Cybersecurity training and software in Columbus

Let your cameras, people, and servers protect your business. From threat detection software to securing critical online applications, Stealth Entry is ready to help you succeed without worry. The average cost of a single data breach or even robbery is enough to close your business permanently.

Do not let yourself become the target of a modern criminal. Get in touch with Stealth Entry today for more information on training, certification, software, and hardware. Get up to date on modern cyber security in Columbus Ohio.

cyber security Columbus Ohio
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cyber security Columbus Ohio cyber security Columbus Ohio

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