Cloud Technology Security Geneva IL

Cloud Technology Security Geneva IL

Have you ever stopped on a beautiful summer day to look up at the clouds? You might see a dog, a dinosaur, or even your company's data! Okay, so your data isn't actually stored in some cloud in the sky, but for all intents and purposes, many people don't know any better when it comes to cloud computing. So, then, how does the cloud work? Cloud technologies are actually not as complicated as you might think.

The cloud offers individuals and organizations of every size and scope immense benefits, as the cloud is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and security, and CloudCover Inc. exists to assist with cloud technology security in Geneva, IL.

How Does Cloud Technology Security Work?

The cloud is just a term for a network of servers around the world that are interconnected, behaving as a single massive hard drive. To explain it better, think about like this: Every time you log in to your Gmail account, open a file from dropbox or watch a movie on NetFlix, you're tapping into the cloud. But how is the cloud different from other technology solutions?

Well, in the old days (about ten years ago), you would have probably backed-up all of your documents, music, files, photos, etc. onto an external device, such as your computer's hard drive or CD-ROM. Today, you can back up all of the same information to the cloud, which is easier and more practical.

Case in Point - How the Cloud Works

Let's say you backup your iPhone on the cloud, then your phone's files will be sent to Apple's servers around the planet. Even if somehow you were to lose your iPhone, or if it were to become damaged or broken, you can still access the data that you backed up because it will be stored in the cloud forever. Further, you can access your data at any time and from any location in the world as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Cloud Technologies are More Affordable and More Secure

Cloud technologies are changing the way that businesses do business. Cloud technologies are helping businesses to be more nimble, more cost-effective, more productive, more flexible, and more scalable. Cloud technologies are more affordable, and for the largest organizations, companies can save millions of dollars each year with the cloud versus in-house IT infrastructure!

You have probably heard of the two biggest names in the market today, which are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Also, Google, IBM, and Alibaba are big players in the cloud services field. It's not only big tech moving businesses into the cloud, either.

Rather than spending massive amounts of money on hardware to back up your data, you can cheaply store an unlimited amount of data in the cloud. You can eliminate your need for an in-house IT tech or team. You can also make your systems more secure by moving to the cloud. CloudCover Inc. is a dedicated cloud partner who can provide cloud consulting and

Cloud Technology Security Geneva IL
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Cloud Technology Security Geneva IL
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Cloud Technology Security Geneva IL Cloud Technology Security Geneva IL

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