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Body Temperature Scanner

Body Temperature Scanner

The FDA does not give approvals for scanning body temperatures in an attempt to detect a Corona infection. Their ongoing process of exploring the best management techniques does not mean that we have to forego on effective means like using a body temperature scanner.

More organizations are waking up to the benefits of using a large-scale body temperature scanner, like the walk-through scanners. The growing list of protective is more apparent in industries like the pork production companies around the country. The mechanism ensures a safer working environment with minimal chances of errors and increased working time.

Benefits of using a walk-through scanner from Thermal Camera Solutions

Advanced technology

Pioneer advances in IT thermometers include a host of features and systems. The technology provides accurate readings and reliably data, no matter the scale of use. Our cameras can measure the temperature of the process while increasing efficiency to deliver optimum measurement resolutions. Our scanners can scan up to thirty people, hence they are excellent for airports and other large public gatherings.


You need a thermometer that can keep up with the walking speed of most people. Our scanners do not need a couple of seconds to sense the temperature, like a conventional thermometer. You will receive instant data when you simply place the camera on the path of your targets.

This case means you can capture the readings of moving objects as they go about their usual errand. This aspect is a leading benefit because you can enjoy a capable thermometer with minimal human force and stable productivity.

Easy sighting

Can you fathom trying to track down the physical appearance of a positive COVID person at the airport? The better condition is a body temperature scanner that can display the real body image of all its targets. You should be able to take snapshots during the process and other essential details like the date and time of the capture.

High resolution

A walk-through temperature scanner offers the same or more optical resolution than the small gun scanner. The sensors have a technology that allows sensing of multiple objects that seem to have the same physical appearance. The only way of separating the objects is by defining the faces or body features of each target.


The best sensors are programmable to match the user’s specifications. Our engineers can help you fine-tune the sensor or choose one that can sense and record temperature changes that match the environment. You can achieve this target by considering the following calibrations during the purchase:

  • Wavelengths
  • Milliamp
  • Millivolt
  • Thermocouple signals
  • The convenience of connecting and disconnecting the connectors
  • Terminal connectors


Our system offers reports of each candidate to give you a complete reading of all your staff at all times. The data includes the following details:

  • The environment’s temperature
  • The person’s body temperature and name
  • Ability to scan a person wearing distractions like glasses, mustache, a hat, mask and make up
  • The number of times the person triggers the alarm system
  • The setting of the alarm’s threshold

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Body Temperature Scanner
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Body Temperature Scanner Body Temperature Scanner

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