Managed Services

Cloud Cover’s Managed Services, Your Continuous Growth

Transferring day-to-day IT demands to our highly skilled team of experts has enabled many of the world’s most innovative companies to accelerate growth and refocus on strategic initiatives.

Cloud Cover’s managed services provide organizations with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple technologies and geographies. No IT environment is static, and Cloud Cover understands the life cycle of operating technology solutions. We specialize in keeping IT environments running smoothly, handling these responsibilities for the entire organization or portions of the infrastructure.

Service Desk

Improving call center or help desk functionality and workflow is a priority, as these locations are the main point of contact for your customers. Our service desk solutions help prevent and resolve tech issues, assist in the answering of user questions, and delivers an intuitive interface for your specific needs.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

RMM allows for the management and control of all your applications in one place. We provide a detailed and comprehensive remote visibility of all your devices, which will help preserve order and prevent issues before they become unwieldy.

Security as a Service

Free up your in-house team so that security can scale to accompany growth while avoiding unnecessary costs. Our SECaaS solutions deliver the most current security tools, ensuring you have all the most updated resources which we manage for you across all servers and devices at your enterprise. The result is improved response times and simplified deployments and updates.

Service Desk

Cloud Cover’s Service Desk is tactical, as the primary goal is to quickly resolve end user’s immediate needs, technical issues, and incidents. 

The Cloud Cover Service Desk resolves end user issues and requests as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Cloud Cover provides monitoring, remote troubleshooting and issue resolution, absorbing much of the daily “heavy lifting” that technicians and engineers are responsible for. This will increase client uptime and improve incident response rates.

Many small to mid-sized businesses are surprised when they discover that large companies often turn to MSPs for their remote network management. MSPs help these organizations free up their in-house IT tech staff so that they can respond to immediate requirements and provide specific services. Without an MSP the in-house IT team would be spending time on routine maintenance, which can be more effectively managed through automation.

  • Remote Access / Screen Sharing
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Software Installation
  • Hardware and Software Auditing
  • Network Management 

  • Automation
  • Event Management


Firewall-as-a-Service (Fwaas)

Compared to traditional firewalls, FWaaS improves scalability, provides a unified security policy, improves visibility, and simplifies management.

Compliance Scanning


Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Hosted Anti-Virus – Anti-Malware / Spyware

Centralized management and the latest heuristic scanners.

Security Event Management

Monitor and help manage user and service privileges, directory services, and system-configuration changes. 

Solution Benefits

Cloud Cover’s solutions are designed to assist business owners with optimizing the value of their IT assets.

IT Roadmap

Maximum Uptime

Business Continuity

Secure Solutions

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