Why Your Non-Profit Should Work With a MSP

Why Your Non-Profit Should Work With a MSP

How often do you find yourself spending an exorbitant amount of time and energy focused on the array of technology that is utilized by your non-profit organization? The pace at which technology develops and transforms can leave the most efficient organization with headaches and inconveniences. As a non-profit, it is paramount that the majority of your focus is on progressing and promoting your objective, and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are here to help get you there.

As your team returns to doing what it does best, and laser focuses on the mission at hand, a MSP can seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. A MSP can provide a myriad of benefits to the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization, including improving data security, curbing IT costs, and optimizing technology.

Improving Data Security
As digital fundraising and remote workforces become more prominent, it becomes increasingly difficult to handle data security. Non-profit organizations are no strangers to cybercrime. You may have heard about Little Red Door, a non-profit whose data was recently stolen from their server and held ransom.

Despite the persistent threat of cybercrime, consumers expect the flexibility to conduct financial transactions online. Donors are accustomed to sites like PayPal, that allow for quick and easy access to transactions. This expectation brings with it the responsibility associated with security of donor information.

With sensitive donor and employee information at risk, it is imperative that data security is never overlooked. A MSP can offer an antidote to cyber-crime by monitoring all of your networks 24/7, securing remote access for employees, providing proactive server management, offering diagnostics and troubleshooting, and a variety of other helpful services.

Curbing Your IT Costs
As a non-profit, it is quite common to deal with budgeting issues. A bulk of your budget is likely going to assist others or promote your cause, and an in-house IT staff can be a luxury for most. However, if you want to remain productive and efficient in our increasingly digital world, IT just cannot be overlooked, no matter the size of your organization.

One of the great things about a MSP is that they adhere to a fixed price model, making unexpected cost hikes a thing of the past. A MSP will also handle tech maintenance, upgrades, and licensing, all included under the umbrella of your agreed-upon fixed price. Furthermore, an MSP provides you with access to a complete ultra-savvy team of IT professionals instead of just one specialized IT staff member that struggles with keeping up on every technological nuance. This positions your organization to maintain the spotlight on your cause, while ensuring your technology remains congruent with your future growth.

Optimizing Technology
Technology and efficiency go hand in hand. A few examples of this relationship that have become operational staples for many of the world’s most successful non-profits are the Help Desk, a strong network, and cloud computing. This short list is only the beginning, as new technologies emerge that will likely transform the landscape on which your company operates.

By working with a MSP, you are cultivating a partnership with a team of technology experts that will help guide you through the ever-shifting digital world and ensure that your technology is always up to date. MSPs are here to unburden your team of the staggering concerns associated with launching a new project that might lead to a spike in site traffic, or changing processes that affect your day-to-day operations.

With these three benefits combined, working with a Managed Service Provider will free up significant time and resources for you to focus on your cause and community. Why waste time and resources on technology concerns when you can ensure that your technology works to benefit you and further the goals of your organization.

Shaun Crawford
Founder & CEO