What All Nonprofits Should Ask Their IT Provider

What All Nonprofits Should Ask Their IT Provider

Although every nonprofit is different, there are a few common questions that all nonprofit organizations should consider asking their IT staff. The answers to these questions will shed light on information that can be very useful to all nonprofits, especially those that are operating with a limited IT budget.

Is Your Software & Hardware Current?
With technological advancements being made every day, outdated technology can pose a significant threat. As technology evolves, so do the tactics of cyber criminals. If your organization is using dated software, you are likely more vulnerable to threats than you know. It is so important to make sure that your IT provider is installing any system updates or software patches that are available.

Additionally, old technology can negatively affect your bottom line in more than one way. Technological inefficiencies can cost you, as operating budgets become burdened with old tech and old processes. On top of this, operating with dated technology gives your competitor the leg up if they are working with cutting edge technology.

Are You Prepared to Recover from a Disaster?
Unexpected events are precisely that… unexpected. However, it is possible for your IT team to prepare for any natural disaster that might occur. Natural occurrences such as fires, floods, or earthquakes have the ability to throw a wrench into any company’s operations, so it is important to prepare for a worst case scenario.

This preparation means ensuring that your IT team has a disaster recovery plan established, and is ready to act on any damaging event that could present itself. It is important that this disaster recovery plan exists in writing, and that employees have a copy. The work doesn’t end once the plan is created, as it should be updated on a regular basis to ensure that all scenarios are covered.

Are You Utilizing the Correct Fundraising Program?
Any nonprofit operating in today’s digital world can tell you how important the digital tools are for funding and remaining in contact with donors. If your organization is having issues working with your own data, or properly managing donor information, then it is very important to have that conversation with your IT staff. Your tools should not be slowing progress, but rather assisting it.

Are Adequate Security Precautions in Place?
There is no organization that is fully protected from cyber-attacks, especially mid sized and small companies that have IT budget constraints. It’s for this reason that every nonprofit should discuss which precautions are crucial and worth the expense. These technology advancements should be viewed as investments, as they offer tremendous value when considering the damage that a potential cyber attack presents.

As stated above, there is no one size fits all solution for nonprofit organizations looking to improve their IT support. However, we believe that if you consider these four questions, and discuss the answers with your IT staff, you will be much more prepared for tech issues that might arise. If you’d like to discuss what else your IT team can do to improve your security, and ensure that your technology budget is as efficient and effective as possible, contact us at cloud@mycloudcover.com.