Turn Your Smartphone into a Scanner

Turn Your Smartphone into a Scanner

Building on the list of incredible tools that already exist within your pocket or the palm of your hand is the Office Lens app. This Microsoft application works on both iOS and Android, and offers more than your typical smartphone scanner app. Going beyond apps like Scanbot or Scanner Pro, Office Lens offers Microsoft Office integration. You can take photos of documents, receipts or whiteboards and convert them into OneNote, Word or PowerPoint documents, and then edit them digitally.

Using optical character recognition, Office Lens allows users to take a quick picture of a document, while Word preserves the integrity and overall layout and converts images to text. This detailed ability for recognition makes it possible to identify characters and search by them by key word in OneNote or OneDrive.

A great use for this tool is to document and save contacts by taking a picture of a business card. All of the data on the business card is easily captured and contacts quickly generated. The nuance of this app comes to life when capturing and converting whiteboard photos. The interface is simple, as users are able to rotate or crop images, as well as converting hand drawn images into malleable objects. These objects can be colored, resized or edited in intuitive ways.

After images are captured, edited, cleaned, and enhanced, Office Lens can export your final document as a variety of file types. JPEG, PDF, Word, or Powerpoint are all options when exporting, and you can also choose to export to OneNote or OneDrive. This provides enough flexibility to accommodate the needs of most end users.

Apps like Office Lens are changing the ways that companies collaborate and develop ideas, as they remove tedious parts of the process. It’s no surprise that that Microsoft has devoted significant focus to mobile applications, and this application is a great addition to any company’s mobile arsenal.