Interview with CEO – Shaun Crawford

Interview with CEO – Shaun Crawford

  1.  What can you tell us about Cloud Cover and why you started this business?

Cloud Cover is an IT Services company that was created to help address real challenges business owners face every day.  With all the time and money being invested in technology, how does a business owner really know what value they are getting from their IT investments? The foundation of Cloud Cover is based on our Guiding Principles; We Listen, We Provide Clarity on everything we do. We are Forward Thinking and We Believe in giving back to the Community. I want to run a business that is always there for our clients and provide them what they really need.

  1.  How do you define success?

True success to me is a combination of a few factors.  100% Client Satisfaction to ensure we are delivering on all our promises.  In addition, if we can grow our business year over year and have the resources to hire, develop and retain great employees, I would also view that as successful.  I want to provide great careers to all of our employees.  The ultimate sign of success will be when we are viewed as one of the most desired place to work.

  1.  Based on that definition tell me about a successful moment in business?

I received a call from the CEO of a non-profit client and he thanked me for designing and building an infrastructure that worked seamlessly, anywhere he was, with any device – something that we call Desktop as a Service (DaaS). It was due to this type of mobility, that he was able to spend time with a loved one in need, and still run his business.

  1.  What industry do you focus on?

With all of my experience over the last 20 years I have had strong focus in Non-Profits, Professional Services and Small-Medium Business that have between 20-200 employees.  We are extremely confident we can add tremendous value to these types of clients.

  1.  What are some of the top challenges you see in this industry and what is your organization doing to help solve these challenges?

Vendors typical don’t listen and sell a client what they have to sell. We do it differently, we listen and then build a solution that meets their needs. One of the advantages of being an independent service provider is we will only recommend what our clients need that we have confidence will provide long term value.  As a fellow business owner,  I would never recommend something to a client that I won’t personally stand behind.  Building trust and confidence with my clients is critical for our long-term success.

  1.  If there was a message you would want to leave with businesses in this industry that don’t know you, what would that message be?

Technology doesn’t need to be overly complex.  Cloud Cover was created to bring simplicity to IT to allow you and your organization to be more productive and focused on your mission . We do that by architecting a holistic solution based on our client’s unique business needs, specific business goals and financial budget.  If any Business Owner is struggling or confused with all of their options, we welcome the chance to provide some simplicity and assist in any way we can.

  1.   What is the best way for people to reach you?

I can always be reached at