Office365 – The Things You Didn’t Know

Office365 – The Things You Didn’t Know

Microsoft Office365 has been changing the way organizations interact and collaborate. The immense benefits have been realized and companies around the globe have been implementing it into their daily workflow. While most know the ins and outs of the technology, there are a few key things that we feel need to be touched upon and help clarify to ensure you are utilizing Office365 to its full potential.

No built-in backups

For those who are migrating from an on-site environment to Office365, the questions of built-in backups often arise. There is currently no built in data retention or protection that comes with Office365. For many organizations, this is a critical concern when they switch to the cloud. It is important to remember that you will need a 3rd party application for backup and data retention.

With so much available storage in the cloud, this issue of built-in backups will increase as time goes by and the majority of your sensitive data is left without a secure back-up; it is best to prepare ahead. Cloud Cover can provide you with the protection and peace of mind that your Office365 data is safely backed up.

Microsoft Teams

One of the most overlooked features in Office365 is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams combines all major Office365 applications in one easy to use platform. Microsoft Teams gives your organization and employees full access to everything that they need in Office365. Whether you need to edit and create documents from the app, keep posted with email integration, or manage your files, Teams has numerous solutions.

Microsoft Teams provides a platform for SharePoint, Skype, Groups, OneDrive, Video Conference and Email. Another great feature is the ability to customize your channels based on your needs. This will allow you the ability to stay updated on the applications that your company uses on a daily basis.

Spam and AV Protection

While Microsoft does have some built-in spam features, a 3rd party program is recommended for complete protection. With the amount of vulnerable and critical data you put on the cloud, it has never been more important to protect this data. Especially as you start to move more employees to remote positions and work is completed out of the office, this protection should not be overlooked! Cloud Cover is a perfect solution to step up your protection.

OneDrive vs SharePoint

There is a common confusion when it comes to OneDrive and SharePoint. Often, most do not know the difference between the two as well as when it is appropriate to use each product. OneDrive is designed to replace My Documents. When you are thinking of OneDrive, think of One, not many. OneDrive is the optimum place to save your personal documents.

SharePoint is designed to be the evolution of the File Server. It is in SharePoint that you will find built-in versioning. When this versioning is engaged in sites libraries and lists, you will be able to manage the information as it is evolving. In addition, SharePoint has audit and change management built-in, providing more accessibility and increased communication within your organization. When you think of SharePoint, think of many.


With so many features within Office365, it is important understand the intricacies and potential problem areas that can arise. To ensure that you are utilizing Office365 to its full potential, contact Cloud Cover. Our team will review your individual needs and provide the additional back-up and protection that will help maximize your workflow regardless of where your employees are located.