How Your Nonprofit Can Save Money on Technology

How Your Nonprofit Can Save Money on Technology

As a nonprofit, being resourceful is key. The ability to make every dollar count is very important, especially when it comes to a technology budget. The good news is, there are many discounts made available to nonprofit organizations, you just need to know where to look.

For that reason we want to look at ways nonprofits can add value to their organization through technology, without worrying about going over budget or running out of the necessary funds.

Microsoft Discount
Everyone knows about some of Microsoft’s offerings, and many organizations are already utilizing some form of their software. What some nonprofits might not know is that this company provides discounted and even free equipment to nonprofit organizations through their Microsoft for Nonprofits initiative.

Some of the deals made available are pieces of on-premises software, cloud services, and even some hardware. Microsoft also offers programs in technology training in order to help nonprofits learn to make the most of their assortment of technological tools.

A wide spectrum of nonprofits are eligible to apply, especially if you operate in the realm of education, healthcare, or politics.

TechSoup Equipment
TechSoup is an international network whose purpose is to provide technical support to nonprofit organizations. They also provide an important service by connecting organizations in need with products that are affordable, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Google AdWords
If your organization registers with “Google for Nonprofits”, you can gain access to upwards of $10,000 of in-kind services from Google Ad Grants. This provides organizations with extremely valuable AdWord space in the form of text-based ads and targeted search results. The benefit here being the ability to attract clicks and attention to your cause.

InterConnection is an organization doing important work by providing nonprofit groups with refurbished and surplus equipment. Not only does this group offer discounted computers and other technology to organizations in need, but they help keep this material out of landfills all across the country.

All of their offerings have been tested to meet quality control standards, and have been thoroughly cleaned. The devices even come preinstalled with Microsoft Office, and include a one year warranty.

Free Cloud Storage was launched by several years ago as an effort to offer cloud-based file sharing to nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate. Eligibility requirements include a declared philanthropic mission that benefits target communities.


We work with nonprofit organizations on a daily basis, and recognize the need for technology initiatives that help stretch resources and save money. These five areas are a great place to start if you are looking for ways to save some money and still acquire the technology necessary for day to day operations in our increasingly digital world. If you would like to discuss other ways that we can help you make the most of your technology, contact us at