How to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

How to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

The utilization of technology can be a revelation for businesses of all sizes. Even with limited resources and established processes already in place, the implementation of the right technology can naturally lead to growth. You might need to make some modifications to existing processes in order to take advantage of certain technologies, but the benefits of these technologies will greatly outweigh the small challenges involved with this transition.

If you’ve been searching for ways that you can do more with less, technology will likely help get you there. Even better, you don’t have to be a tech whiz to incorporate any of the following ideas. Through the power provided by social media, mobile applications, and a quality CRM you can get started immediately and witness substantive growth within your organization.

Social Media

Social media has cemented itself as an invaluable resource for consumers and business owners alike. Massive platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram create a world of opportunity for anyone looking to promote or discuss what they are working on to a global audience.

The most obvious benefit that social media provides is the ability to grow your brand awareness. These platforms provide a place for businesses like yours to expose your product or service to a massive audience of consumers online. Your future customers are searching for you right now, and an effective social media presence will ensure that they find you.

You are probably aware of a plethora of companies that incorporate social media tactics in a variety of beneficial ways. Some companies like to keep their audience up to date with events and news by tweeting links to their newsletter, blog entries, or specific landing pages. Some companies that deliver visually oriented content may use sites like Instagram to share their product. Ultimately, it is important that you don’t just view these platforms as a marketing tactic, but rather as a method to intuitively and organically connect with your audience and cultivate those relationships.


We’ve all been privy to the incredible advancements in the realm of mobile technology over the last few years. There are a fair amount of forward thinking business owners that have unlocked ways in which mobile applications can grow and improve company. Mobile technology offers businesses of all sizes a metaphorical toolbelt comprised of an assortment of applications that benefit both your employees and customers.

Activities such as scheduling and time management, accounting and invoicing, and customer service and team communication can all be improved through the use of mobile apps. When your team is connected with smart phones or tablets they can increase their agility and productivity due to processes and communication methods being streamlined.

From the outside looking in, mobile tech will help keep your online presence relevant and your website easy to utilize for mobile customers. Users appreciate when a company provides an interface or app that is easy to navigate on a mobile device, and grows with new users in the mobile space.


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can transform the way in which your team operates internally, and provide room for growth by organizing and housing your sales and marketing processes. It provides a thread for your data across your entire team, allowing everyone to maintain and access customer information in real time. The moment that a file is updated, or an email is sent, the CRM system records that history. This eliminates redundancies and ensures that customers are not burdened with repetitive pieces of information coming from multiple sources at your organization.

The instantaneous nature of a CRM system extends even further, providing marketing feedback in real time as well. Your CRM system provides seamless integration with other technologies such as email and social media. This integration can lead to significant marketing insights, improving your marketing tactics as a whole. Are your contacts receiving and opening your emails? What links are being clicked on? The answers to these types of questions will strengthen each and every connection being made between you and your customer.

With a more organized sales process and enhanced marketing feedback, you can ensure that as growth occurs, internal processes are moving right along with it.


Let technology help you. It takes many forms and it is not one size fits all, but when properly employed it lead to meaningful growth. We’re always interested in hearing your story, so please reach out to us with ways in which mobile technology has helped grow your business. You can reach us at or any of our social media presences.