How Non-Profits Can Improve the Donor Experience

How Non-Profits Can Improve the Donor Experience

Just last week a study was released by Community Brands, in which donors who contributed to a non-profit within the last year were surveyed. The goal of this study is to assist non-profit organizations as they assess how their donors experience the process of donating, and determine where improvements can be made.

One of the most significant takeaways from this survey is the noticeable shift towards online and mobile donations. Brandy Keller, the director of product management and marketing for non-profit solutions at Community Brands says “ We expect to see more investment in mobile technology to improve online giving and fundraising events. And, enhancing mobile experiences will be critical as non-profits look to simplify the giving experience to keep up with donor expectations.”

These donor expectations are justifiably shifting the non-profit landscape, and the trends are unsurprisingly most common among younger generations. According to this study, most of the donations coming from younger generations are through a mobile device. This fact should lead to the realization that website optimization and modern online donation forms for mobile devices are quickly becoming a requirement for organizations looking to maintain relevance.

With all of these developments through the rise of mobile solutions, there are still segments of donors that prefer to donate offline. The study showed that 56 percent of older donors prefer the traditional giving method of a written check. This figure is important to note, as it shows that organizations should not completely write off donations that aren’t through the web. Doing so might position organizations to miss out on donations from older generations.

Another significant takeaway from the Community Brands survey is the impact that fundraising events can have on both the donors and the organization. The study shows that 78% of respondents left fundraising events feeling “very or somewhat engaged”, while 63% reported that they were more likely to donate to a non-profit after a positive event experience.

This survey reaffirms our belief that the impact of an inspired and well organized fundraising event can be a transformative experience for both the donors and the organization. These events cultivate important relationships that often last for quite a substantial amount of time, and lead to meaningful change and progress for any given cause.

If you represent a non-profit organization looking to widen its reach and deepen its impact, don’t shy away from innovations like mobile fundraising, or forget about classic techniques such as the fundraising event. While the changing technological landscape offers new approaches to building your donor base, proven methods should not be forgotten.

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