Firewall as a Service

Firewall as a Service

Most businesses that function in these highly digital times need a firewall in order to maintain an adequate level of digital security and protection against cybercrime. The last few years have brought about a paradigm shift in firewall coverage, with the introduction of firewall as a service (FWaaS). This change in the way companies go about securing their data and hardware brings cloud based architecture to the current firewall functionality.

There are significant benefits that come with this paradigm shift, as traditional firewalls can’t quite achieve what FWaaS can. To put it simply, a firewall acts as a filter between the internet and your computer or network. This filter can be manipulated in order to ensure that anything you want filtered out can’t reach your computer, making it much easier to prevent malicious software and threatening information from working its way into your network.

FWaaS takes these protective services, and hosts them in the cloud. So what used to be a digital appliance is now a virtual barrier that is available at all locations and on most devices. What are the advantages of this evolution of technology?

Predictable Budget
The fact that FWaaS is cloud based and centrally provided makes it much more cost effective than older forms of firewall. Most service providers provide various levels of coverage, all based on your businesses specific needs. This flexibility makes it much easier to budget than trying to handle the process yourself, and is the smart move for companies that have network security concerns.

Avoiding Obsolescence
With physical appliances, companies find their technology growing obsolete before their eyes in a short period of time. Cybersecurity threats are always keeping pace with vulnerabilities, and therefore it is critical to maintain a firewall that is always up-to-date. FWaaS ensures that your firewall is always on the cutting edge, as it allows for constant provision, as software can be kept up to date without concern for physical devices.

Subscribing to a firewall service instead of implementing your own firewall makes it much easier to understand and implement. You don’t need to be an expert on the technical elements of firewalls in order to work with a service provider, as the protocols are already in place.  This way, you can simply subscribe to a firewall service in the same manner that you subscribe to a CRM. Additionally, the user interface provided by your service provider is usually highly customizable and easy for non experts to navigate.

Remote Coverage
Through its mere existence in the cloud, FWaaS is much more scalable than a classic firewall. The cloud makes it very simple to deploy the firewall to remote locations, ensuring that protection exists in all areas. This protection can be provided without any interruptions or changes in your specified protocols. Companies that have various branch locations, or remote employees can really benefit from this level of remote coverage.

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see how FWaaS has become cheaper and much more effective than a classic firewall. Companies that are concerned about the security of their network and data should definitely explore FWaaS in order to remain protected against hacks and data breaches. If you’d like to explore ways in which FWaaS can benefit your company, contact us at