Are Your Employees Following Cloud Security Policies?

Are Your Employees Following Cloud Security Policies?

It is not hard to believe in 2018 that 87% of public and private companies now have cloud-first initiatives in the office. This statistic comes to us via a new report from Oracle and KPMG, and is further evidence that most organizations are prioritizing the cloud and unlocking ways in which it can benefit their business.

While many of us have a solid understanding of the benefits that the cloud presents, there are still some concerns about the security threats that exist when implementing cloud technology. The new report from Oracle featured a survey, which presents some very interesting information regarding common concerns for companies working with the cloud.

38% of respondents report that they struggle detecting and reacting to threats that come from the cloud. Given that 90% of the 450 cybersecurity and IT professionals surveyed mentioned that at least half of the data stored in the cloud is sensitive information, these threats are significant and should be handled properly.

On top of that, although most respondents report that they require cloud services to be approved by the IT team, 82% voiced a concern that these policies were being violated by employees. With the looming threat of shadow IT, it is paramount that the security policies established at any organization are followed, and not disregarded.

Remaining in line with cloud security protocols should be a top priority for any company using the cloud. When security occurrences do present themselves, they tend to impact the organization under threat quite substantially. A whopping 66% of companies surveyed mentioned a significant interruption to operations at some point in the past two years. With cybersecurity threats this common, many organizations are looking towards machine learning and security automation for solutions.

We find that in addition to the assortment of tools available, every company should focus on how their people and processes approach security. This means that organizations should look for ways in which they can boost employee awareness and implement training programs for team members. Another common approach is to increase security budgets, and properly training IT/security teams on the growing list of threats and best practices.

Every company is different, and requires a nuanced approach to tackling the many cybersecurity threats that exist. If you’d like to explore ways in which your organization can avoid security threats that are presented through cloud technology, reach us at