5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data

Cyber security has become a primary concern for most businesses.  If you share this concern, then you are on the right path, as cyber security threats are always developing alongside the changing technology. Businesses of all sizes are at risk of losing customers, money, and their reputation if a breach does occur.

With this in mind, what steps can businesses across all industries take in order to better protect their data?

An Educated Team
Employees are at the center of any company’s operations, and thus a lot falls on them to ensure that security measures are enacted and adhered to. We’ve all heard of instances where uninformed or unprepared team members fall victim to phishing attacks, or expose data by misusing their email or devices on public networks.

For any security plans to be successful, all employees must be trained and regularly updated on data security best practices. A great way to take steps to train and prepare your employees in this regard is to nominate a specific individual to remain on the cutting edge of cyber security developments. This team member can ensure that all other team members are educated on the regular changes that occur.

Effective Passwords
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, passwords are your first line of defense against malicious actors who aim to steal your data. Too many people are guilty of using the same passwords across private and business accounts. It’s for this reason that businesses should ensure that their employees are using strong and unique passwords, and not sharing those passwords with anyone. An effective additional step is to couple your strong passwords with two-factor authentication.

Mobile Strategy
A growing threat in the realm of data security are lax mobile device policies. All companies should have policies in place that outline the correct and safe use of mobile devices when accessing sensitive data. In addition to a detailed outline of mobile use, it is important that a plan be put in place to secure mobile devices should they be stolen or go missing.

Data Backups
A new occurrence among recent cyber threats is holding data “hostage”.  Savvy cybercriminals have the ability to breach data systems and demand money in return for the restoration of online services. It’s with this in mind, that companies begin to consider regular backups of data. So long as the data is stored in a different location than original data, then these backups go a long way in regard to the protection from data theft.

Regular Audits of Security
A strong cybersecurity strategy requires regular updates and audits. These audits are meant to evaluate your vulnerabilities, and present the need for changes should they arise. If malicious actors are continuously developing their strategies, then so should you.

These five tips are the perfect place to start when considering how to improve the data protection methods at your organization. If you are not equipped with a cybersecurity strategy and a plan for continually adapting to technological changes, it is very easy to become the target of cybercriminals. If you’d like to explore additional ways in which you can reinforce your data security, contact us at cloud@mycloudcover.com.