Cloud Consulting

Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud?

It is estimated that 90% of companies are on the cloud, as the global cloud computing market will likely exceed $620 billion by 2023. Cloud Cover’s consulting services help guide businesses as they begin to incorporate or grow their cloud-based solutions. Our cloud experts work with you to help you reach success through cloud technologies, and remain competitive through digital transformation and modern practices. We help small to medium-sized businesses rise to the challenge of migrating to the cloud and managing multi-cloud environments. Each individual enterprise requires its own unique cloud model, processes, and governance to match its specific demands, and Cloud Cover consulting services tailors its approach to meet these particular needs.

Cloud Environment

What does your ideal cloud environment look like and how will it operate most efficiently for your organization? Choices like public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud are all critical and require thoughtful consideration before implementing. Cloud Cover will help ensure that your cloud solutions match your business objectives and are a great fit for your particular security, speed, and scaling needs.

Cloud Migration/Implementation

Cloud Cover will take you each step of the way when it comes to cloud migration or implementation. Our experts are deeply experienced with the entire implementation process, from planning to execution. We provide a transparent, nimble, and secure path to customized cloud solutions.

Solution Benefits

Cloud Cover’s solutions are designed to assist business owners with optimizing the value of their IT assets.

IT Roadmap

Maximum Uptime

Business Continuity

Secure Solutions

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